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Early III Dynasty (c. 2700 to. BC) mastabas became stepped pyramids, formed several steps, by way of a “giant step” that rose into the sky.

The first and most famous of these is the Step Pyramid of King Zoser at Saqqara (Zoser), whose architect was Imhotep, who probably wanted to create a monument that rises into the sky, like a gigantic staircase, to symbolize the ascent the deceased’s “underworld” “for” Heaven. “
“Step Pyramid” of Zoser, at Saqqara.

The next stage in the evolution of the pyramids, the construction was ordered erected by King Sneferu, the “Bent Pyramid” or “Bent Pyramid” at Dahshur region, which is considered an intermediate stage between the “pyramid step “and” classic pyramid “or smooth faces. In the pyramid faces are diamond shaped with two slopes, tilt downward toward the summit.                       

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