The First Steps

The stage of walking your baby in the carriages is temporary and this is till very emotional when walking stage begins .

The first steps of your child , he is one of the most exciting walks with legs apart and feet pointing outwards . This moves you swaying from side to side , so easily thrown off balance . Gradually , after many falls , the child learns to stabilize his gait raising more legs , placing your feet parallel , shorter strides and using arms for balance . This prevents you take things in hand while walking .

Still, until the end of the second year the child is still often trip over any uneven floor , for example, a wrinkle in the carpet. To get up, supports hands first and stretch the arms , then0510201622431masonchloe69_4x6__thumbnail1_tdownload-boquete-panama.jpg raise the buttocks while placing the legs bent under him and then straighten your legs and lift the trunk .
The whole process of walking in Baby carriages and walking is liked by parents .
Later parents make the call museum for children, carriages, toys keeping as trophies.  


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