Your baby sleeps well

Your baby can sleep in the baby stroller?

How I can teach my baby to sleep through the night ?
There are various methods to teach a baby to sleep through the night , but the strategies vary depending on the age of your baby.

If you take a long walk in the baby strollers , you can be sure you will sleep for a long time .

The first three months
You can not impose a sleep schedule sleep or teach overnight at a newborn. Your newborn will need feeding every few hours , so it’s normal not to sleep in a row. Try to sleep when he sleeps to avoid getting tired , because lack of sleep can make you more prone to depression and even create problems in your relationship .

Some strategies that can help you create good sleep habits in your newborn are:

During the first three or four weeks , you can wrap the baby with a blanket tight to make you feel more comfortable and secure.
After 6 weeks, you can strengthen your baby’s biological rhythm establishing a bedtime routine . For example , at the same time each evening , take a bath , read him a book , feed , sing a lullaby and lay him . Try to lift in the morning at the same time each day and lay down for a nap at the same times each day. ( Please note that these schedules need to be adjusted as your baby grows and matures . )

Read real examples of schedules for newborns

Make it quiet night feedings and daytime feeding is social . At night , do not talk or turn on the light when you feed . During the day, do the opposite : treat meals as opportunities to cuddle , sing, talk and interact with him.
Make the difference between naps and nighttime sleep . For naps , you can dispense with the nightly routine or cut out and use a bassinet in a room other than your regular bedroom be.

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