Mother Love

THE love of a mother is the greatest thing in this world is something tender sincere where there are no limits of love and tenderness.
She is the most divine that God has created is the being who gives us life, we love breastfeeding gives affection and happiness.
Mother is the virtue that God has given for having us in her womb with love and happiness, till the day of the birth, where we see the light of the world this divine being breastfed by our mother.
Mothers love to be extraordinary majestic with the gift of love without border limits for their children. Being a mom, this woman cares for our steps minute by minute, guiding their children on the right path teaches us to love God‘s neighbor, teacher or professor that best is the greatest thing in the universe after God
God bless this dear loved.
Happy mothers day to all the universe, living the day of mothers.
With love             
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