Children And Health


Sometimes we see children who read with difficulty in speaking and writing. this may be a learning disability called dyslexia. reading is the first thing that is taught in school as well as being fascinating, is the basis of learning.
First we showed you identify the letters associated with consonant sounds and syllables and join in these simple words, which become prayer and so, step by step, learn to read.
Recognize signs written words and understand the meaning, but for a child with dyslexia, this process becomes automatic is a tremendous effort to learn but this does not mean they are clumsy or have mental retardation, but because your brain has difficulty in analyzing letters and sounds. read slowly and making many mistakes invest letters and numbers, and sometimes will say the wrong words when they really mean something.
This makes the child becomes frustrated depression, lose motivation is affecting your self-esteem and learning disabilities.
degrees of dyslexia can vary. The first identification and treatment, the results will be better.
Remember all the best for your child is the best gift


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