Smoking Health

Quitting smoking is very difficult to me I can say from experience.
The will is imposed you handle your mind as you wish, you too can quit smoking.
I quit smoking 15 years ago, comes to smoking 30 cigarettes a day.
Thanks to my will, and mastery of my mind I do that, you too can quit smoking.
Motivate: in the United States one of every 5 deaths are due to cigarette smoking, it is estimated that in the year 2030 this habit or addiction will cause about 8 million deaths a year, I repeat 8 million death is catastrophic for the country.
This time, like your family, controls your mind you can stop smoking.
Today I remember my friend who god rest his soul, as his name. She smoked 70 cigarettes a day that I take her to death.
Remember your baby if you are pregnant, do not smoke, this is for your health and that of your children.
Your can say no smoke Do more keep your firmness you master your mind, recalls the diseases produced by smoking.
lung diseases. trachea, stomach, cervix, kidney etc.
Chronicles, blindness, cataracts, fertility etc.
You realize that this showed damage as cigarette.
Get help from your doctor and other means, you can quit.
This advice is for your friend :
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