Addiction to Technology.
I can ask if you can live without your cell phone, or without your computer. Most likely your answer is NO. The reason is because we can not detach the electronics.
Technological and scientific studies  conducted  by communications companies noted that 25% of people in the world, answering his cell phone, even in intimate situations. Also activities we do in leisure time also depend on electronic devices.
Now we relaxed watching TV a or hear music through the ipod. Before, people enjoyed a play or buy a music CD then shared with friends. We went out to socialize to meet new friends and find partners, WHILE today asked Facebook friends, and we love the Internet.
Priate child out to play we liked, baseball, football and other sports, many now prefer to stay indoors to play a video game and does not require a single drop of sweat.
Remember, this advice healthy mind and healthy body you acquire this exercise, your friend
Read this is very important
The technology involved in such us to say with any we have lost ability to retain information. Something as simple as
A) remember a phone number B)an address C)multiply,divide and many other things.
This is because modern technology. what happens if we do not have this technology.
You would have to use the best computer in the universe this computer is your brain.                  Welcome:



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