The Crystal Children

800px-Postpartum_baby2Crystal Children
This disease is known as genetic origin, but not contagious.
the baby at birth sometimes have loosening of the dermis within the womb of his mother, and in everyday life forms blisters on your skin causing them discomfort, pain and bleeding. These children usually hurts them contact with the body of his mother. For this they were dominating the glass behalf of children.

It should be clarified that this disease is not contagious, you can play and get in touch with the Crystal children as being a normal child, only to be taken into account which is more delicate and care should be more careful.

This disease does not affect intelligence of these children, however in most cases, prove to be the most intelligent of the group for their dedication and an amazing ability to do things.

Unfortunately has not found a cure for this disease so terrible, but studies continue to advance and in a couple of years is probably already obtained the cure is meanwhile the best recommendation to treat this disease is to avoid blows to the skin of these children and excessive care with their food and the objects manipulated.

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