Good Family

Good Family
What a good family has to keep in mind for your baby is the Doctor. recommends carefully reading
is important.
You must remember our motto. (Safety First) not only in the baby stroller, the principal is the head doctor at the health of your child, a healthy baby is the most important.

DOC Children Are you qualified?

Maybe not. Eleven percent of pediatricians, reveals a study by the University of Michigan.

If your child’s doctor did not take the voluntary certification exam to pass or not, you can still legally treat children, but may not provide the highest quality care. A certified pediatrician must requalify every seven years to keep up, while a physician without board certification may not be as up to date on relevant medical practices, says study author Gary L. Freed, MD For example, you might be aware of the latest immunization recommendations or the new way to treat asthma in children. To find out if a doctor is certified, visit to look for his name. If your name does not appear, location search to find a board-certified physician.  Welcome:


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