Baby Pram

Remember safety first for your newborn

A “baby carriage” (in North American English), “perambulator” or “pram”[6] (in British English) is generally used for newborn babies and has the infant lying down facing the pusher.

Prams have been widely used in the UK since the Victorian era. As they developed through the years suspension was added, making the ride smoother for both the baby and the person pushing it. In the 1970s, however, the trend was more towards a more basic version, not fully sprung, and with a detachable body known as a “carrycot”.[7] Now, prams are very rarely used, being large and expensive when compared with “buggies”.            baby stroller, the best baby stroller in the world           http://www.babystrollerpeople.comred-tanager_12759_600x450


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