New Year

3greenroomsetting  arbol de navidadThe end of year is approaching, and come the new year. with the sounds of joy and all kinds of celebration.
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The new year began to be celebrated on January 1 relatively recently, was Pope Gregory XIII who decided in 1582 to all Catholic countries, opening the calendar effect, which replaced the Julian.

Then, slowly, he joined the other nations, the Russians were the last in 1917 – and is well accepted worldwide that the year began on January 1 and March 21 and April 1, as it used to in the old days.

According to the Gregorian calendar, the start Jan. 1 2007, but was structured on a miscalculation made by the monk Dionysius Exiguus to fix four to five years before the beginning of the Christian era, the date would be very another.

It turned out that Dionisio was tired of counting the years were followed from taking the throne of Emperor Diocletian, since it had persecuted Christians furiously, and used to make the new calendar from the birth of Jesus.

After establishing that the Baby Jesus was born on December 25, 753-ab condita city is, from the founding of Rome decided that the year was one of our 754 coincide with the AUC, not realizing that by then the death of Herod had occurred four years.

That’s when the question arose: how could Herod beheaded send the Messiah in the killing of innocents, whether he was already dead? The recalculation reported the error but the Gregorian calendar continued unchanged.

New studies based on the estimate in the sixteenth century by astronomer Johann Kepler, based on the appearance of the star of Bethlehem, in fact, a triple conjunction of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn in the sign of Pisces, for proposing that Jesus would have been born in the middle of September 7 and not in December 1.

This means that next December 31 should not provide for the year 2007, that is over, but for the new year 2014.

This does not have much relevance, if it appears that other people in the civilian-managed with the Gregorian calendar, celebrated their new year on other dates, according to their own religious traditions or historical.

For example, the Chinese New Year begins in January and February with the first New Moon of Aquarius, the Rosh Hashanah (head of the year) begins in the Jewish month of Tishri in the Hebrew calendar, which is equivalent to the Gregorian September or October, and the Muslim New Year in the month of Muharram, as follows a lunar calendar, may fall at any Gregorian month.

In the intervening years, these are also mixed, living in the Chinese year of the Dog 4704 and February 18 4705 will receive a year of the Pig


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